Custom Fabrication in Holly Springs, NC

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Here at American Repair Company, LLC, we provide custom metal fabrication services throughout Holly Springs, NC and surrounding areas. We are able to work with a wide variety of metal component materials including aluminum and stainless steel to create or repair whatever part you need.

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Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Learn More About What Metal Work Can Do For You

Custom fabrication has many benefits for both, residential and commercial categories. A few key benefits that custom metal fabrication brings to the table are:

1.) Custom Fit - We are able to cut raw materials to fit your specif needs that allow for a turnkey solution.
2.) Higher Quality Product - You are able to customize materials needed to withstand known stresses

Whether you want to improve your home or customize metal parts -we have you covered. Call 919-601-2920 to schedule our custom metal work in Holly Springs, NC.